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Melanie Delgado abstract painting: pink, orange background with black and light grey strokes that will be part of the Evolution Show at Pinkwater Gallery in Kingston NY

EVOLUTION: An Exhibit of New Works by Pinkwater Gallery Artists

By inside + out | February 3, 2023

Save the date: February 4th is the opening night for an exciting exhibition at Kingston NY’s Pinkwater Gallery. The Winter 2023 show, title ‘EVOLUTION’ is an exhibit of all new works by the gallery’s roster of artists, To evolve one’s individual work can be an arduous journey for an artist, especially if one has been successful with something specific in the past. But evolving the work can begin with some interesting questions, a willingness to go down a new road, or simply a desire to break through the doldrums of colder, shorter days. The featured photo above is by Melanie Delgado.

A postcard of multiple paintings by artists that will be part of the Evolution Show at Pinkwater Gallery in Kingston NY

The Winter 2023 show at Pinkwater Gallery will be on view every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11 AM to 6 PM from February 3 through Sunday, March 26.

‘E V O L U T I O N’
An Exhibit Of New Works By Pinkwater Gallery Artists


The work in this exhibition will be the underpinning of each show in the future, and a new guest artist will be invited to have a conversation (both visually and literally) at each exhibit, starting with the Spring 2023 show to open in April.

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About Pinkwater Gallery

Located at 56 N.Front Street, in the historic area of Kingston known as Uptown, Pinkwater Gallery is a contemporary art gallery featuring the work of professional women artists working and living in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, an area historically rich in abundant artistic talent.

Pinkwater Gallery is open Fridays through Sundays 11 AM to 6 PM year-round and is always open online.
Please contact Anne Sanger, Executive Director of Pinkwater.| [email protected] or 718-243-2350.

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