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Sculpture at Kaastbaan culture park outdoor exhibition

Save the Date! Kaatsbaan Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition Artists’ Walk

By inside + out | July 26, 2022

We are still in awe of the amazing art exhibitions that took place this past weekend during the Upstate Art Weekend – a spectacular event for art lovers of every medium, with over 145 artists and 100 exhibitions throughout the Hudson Valley. The Arts continue with this fascinating exhibition, hosted by Kaatsbaan Cultural Park.

On Saturday, August 6, from 4-6 PM, Kaatsbaan Cultural Park will host free public reception and artist walk to celebrate the 2022 outdoor sculpture exhibition. Curated by Hilary Greene, this event is a thank you to the community and the organization’s supporters. The artworks complement the organization’s ongoing dance, music, poetry, and culinary arts summer programming.

Kaatsbaan outdoor art sculpture exhibition

Kaatsbaan Cultural Park | 120 Broadway Tivoli NY
August 6, 2022 | 4 PM – 6 PM

The event will begin with cocktails followed by a tour with each of the artists discussing the art, how the artist works, what inspired them, and the messages they believe the work conveys. Followed by Q&A with each artist.

This year’s participating artists include:
Emil Alzamora
Stuart Farmery
Tristan Fitch
Jared Handelsman
Kenichi Hiratsuka,
Lowell Miller
Portia Munson
Shelley Parriott
Eileen M. Power
Gregory Steel
Christina Tenaglia
Millicent Young

Kaatsbaan outdoor art sculpture exhibition

The sculpture exhibition originated in 2021 in response to the Pandemic. Kaatsbaan moved its events outdoors so artists and the audience could safely experience Kaatsbaan’s world-class dance and music performances. Exhibition curator Hilary Greene envisioned the artworks as multi-dimensional participants that activate and enhance the lush historic grounds.

Focusing on mid-career sculptors, Ms. Greene selected artworks that best embodied the spirit and flow of the Hudson Valley’s unique landscape and the joy of rhythm and movement. From hand-carved monuments and wire-bound stones to vibrant wooden forms and sheer colorful columns, from a glowing silk banner and poetic etched glass, to cast bronze figures and dancing ladders, the outdoor sculpture exhibition at Kaatsbaan displays a powerful vocabulary and far-reaching range of contemporary art.

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About Kaatsbaan Cultural Park
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The Kaatsbaan Summer and Fall Festivals, organized by Sonja Kostich, Chief Executive & Artistic Officer, take place throughout Kaatsbaan’s lush 153-acre campus in the Hudson Valley. The mission of Kaatsbaan Cultural Park is to provide an extraordinary environment for cultural innovation and excellence. As both an incubator for creativity and a presenter for world-class artists in dance, theater, music, film, poetry, and visual art, Kaatsbaan provides artists with state-of-the-art dance studios, accommodations, an indoor theater, and two outdoor stages. Kaatsbaan Cultural Park is committed to the advancement of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the arts aiming to present, promote, and embrace programming that accurately reflects our society.

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