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Rebecca Conran Capricorn Energy Report on Inside+Out Upstate NY

The Inside+Out Capricorn Energy Report

By Rebecca Conran | December 11, 2022

Welcome to the first edition of your monthly collective astrological guide by Rebecca Conran. Rebecca is an astrologer, certified holistic life & wellness coach, psychic medium and energy practitioner located in Kingston NY.  We hope you enjoy this series!

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It’s official. It is Capricorn Season, which means the Winter Solstice has arrived. Astrologically speaking, from December 20th-January 20th, we pay greater attention to defining goals, building solid foundations, and tending to duties. Capricorn is highly attuned to the need for a singular focus toward goals. It uses limitations, restrictions, self-discipline, and a step-by-step approach to accomplish things. That might not sound very fun, but self-discipline could seem quite appealing after weeks of not buttoning your pants during the holidays!

The energy of Capricorn is in everyone’s individual astrology, even if it’s not prominent, so we will all experience these collective themes in one form or another. This particular Capricorn Season is about eschewing the goals that are not right for us.

Our work is to focus on creating self-confidence and creative power by listening to our unique individual calling. In layperson’s terms: Are you enjoying your goals?
What makes you feel confident, and what makes you feel powerless? Do your goals feel like ‘you,’ or do you yearn for something else? Follow the unique yearnings of your heart, even if they don’t make sense to everyone else.

The symbol for Capricorn is the mountain goat, known for traversing very precarious cliff slopes hundreds of feet above the ground. They have bodies built for the climb, driven to get to the top to find the sustenance they truly need. In the same way, somewhere in each of our makeup is the energy necessary to climb great heights of our own so that we can reach what truly feeds us too. Capricorn Season is when you might ask yourself: Where do I need to practice self-discipline personally? What would my goals be if I was ten times bolder?

Whatever comes to mind should take greater precedence at this time. If you are already a self-professed workaholic and discipline comes more easily, this season may hold different messages for you. Do you take time to register your personal needs? Do you recognize your vulnerability? Are your current goals in alignment with your personal values?

Capricorn season has wisdom for all of us.

The most challenging period will be December 20th to the 28th through a succession of planetary ups and downs. Try to see these challenges as possibilities for reaching your bigger goals. Transits of Jupiter and Chiron, both in Aries, are compelling us to put ourselves first more often, but we must beware of the overblown ego.

Jupiter is a lucky and benevolent planet and can bring exciting opportunities at this time. It’s also a gasbag and reminds us not to get too full of ourselves or overdo it. Chiron is known as the wounded healer, and it symbolizes our deepest conditioned hurts. Transits with this planet can awaken personal healing that needs attention. Who am I? What am I doing with my life? What does the world want from me? What stands in my way of feeling seen and heard for my genuine self?

You may find yourself in an existential moment. You are here for a reason that can only be known by you. You must tend to yourself completely and create the necessary self-discipline to build those reasons into reality.

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn beginning December 28th marks a sobering three-week period of being more aware than usual of the adage: “which master do you serve?” We may need to face fearful motivations and beliefs when uncomfortable truths and patterns arise. We may feel challenged if we are not living in alignment with our deeper needs and callings. There is self-control available here through Mercury in Capricorn, a reservedness that can help us get organized and gain control of our primary creative tool – our minds. Focus on your priorities and let the noise go.

On a practical level, use this time as an opportunity to get more grounded in your body. You can do that by emphasizing nutritious food, connection with nature and physical fitness. Maybe invest in a beautiful journal to write down your goals and intentions and make them more sacred. Your life is yours, and it is your masterpiece. That masterpiece takes time and cannot be rushed! Keep that in mind as you walk through the next four weeks.

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Rebecca is an Astrologer, certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Psychic Medium and Energy Practitioner in Kingston, NY. Known for her compassionate but no-nonsense and practical approach to mysticism, she offers frank advice from personal experience.

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