Hailed as the birthplace of American art, Catskill New York is an upstate jewel filled with folklore and historic significance. This picturesque mountain town sits alongside the Hudson River and Catskill Creek and boasts being an inspiration for Washington Irving’s haunting tale of Rip Van Winkle and along the river’s edge lies the Thomas Cole House, once home to the famous painter and founder of the Hudson River School of Art.


Main street is dotted with Victorian storefronts, charming shops, restaurants and pubs. The surrounding forests, mountains, and natural splendor illustrate the magic that sparked the inspiration of yesteryear and which still calls to tourists and locals alike.

> Thomas Cole, founder of the famed Hudson River School of painting was a long-time resident and you can still visit his historic home and studio.


> Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson lived in Catskill + trained at a local gym.


>Washington Irving set his tale, Rip Van Winkle within the Catskill Mountains.

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