Once a bustling Hudson Riverport for passenger and commercial boats in the 1800s, the friendly town of Saugerties is the quintessential small town that you might see in a movie – a quaint yet bustling Main Street whose shopkeepers welcome you with open arms. Located at the foot of the Catskills with new businesses popping up all the time, Saugerties is the perfect mix of nature retreats and small-town living.


Saugerties is a growing community with several new breweries, short-term rentals and business opportunities as a result of natives and newcomers alike. But even with this growth, Saugerties maintains the historic, rustic charm and a real sense of place and ownership from those who have lived in the town for generations.

New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Cuba are lined with sidewalks of Saugerties bluestone.


Saugerties means “Little Sawyer” in Dutch which was termed for the Sawyer’s Kill stream, an original marker for its northern boundary.


Saugerties village had electricity for four decades before it was available to the rest of the town under Franklin Roosevelt’s administration.


The town of Saugerties was purchased from the Esopus Indian Kaelcop, chief of the Amorgarickakan tribe for the price of a piece of cloth, a blanket, some coarse fiber, a loaf of bread, and a shirt.


The Victorian business district, with shops installed in brick and clapboard buildings, was the first in the United States to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Famous Saugerties residents include Jimmy Fallon, host of NBC’s Tonight Show, Maurice Hinckley, U.S. Representative and environmental activist, and songwriter Johanna Hall, who wrote “Half Moon”, the B-side of Janis Joplin’s “Me and Bobby McGee”

The Inside+Out directory includes businesses, events and attractions located where route 212 and Glasco Turnpike meet (often referred to as “Saugerstock”) and continues along route 212 to Saugerties proper, and includes listings in and around popular locations such as the Saugerties Lighthouse, HITS and nearby marinas.

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