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sprouting greens by Chris Bob owner of Woodstock Microgreens in Woodstock NY

Woodstock Microgreens Delivers Hudson Valley Cultivated Superfood to Your Doorstep

By Nixa De Bellis | July 5, 2023

Hand delivered sprouts to your Upstate home offer more than just small green shoots of nutrition. Think: enriching food stability, earth first, human rights, rich micronutrition, BIPOC farming, organic agriculture, and farm futures in niche markets, all packed into small biodegradable containers of green love. Chris Bob, the founder of Woodstock Microgreens, locally grows and shares his nourishing, healing line of goodness now being sold across Ulster County. He turned a college hobby into a problem solving business, helping his struggling farm friends maintain their organic, Asian produce farm. I spoke with Chris about the mission and soul behind the micronutrient-rich sprout delivery farm that has been serving our counties and hamlets in the Hudson Valley since 2020. Chris, says “Woodstock Microgreens is the passion project of a dedicated team of young people who have recognized the need to get back to the land in our ever-changing world. Founded on the principle that everyone deserves access to locally grown greens, we continually strive to foster a sense of community well-being, engagement and harmony through our high-quality produce.”

package of microgreens by Chris Bob owner of Woodstock Microgreens in Woodstock NY

Chris tells the story of how it all began in the parking lot of Beacon’s Sunday Winter Market in the cold month of February, “It rained or flurried every week. While we had challenging weather conditions and consecutive weeks of bad weather, we were amazed to see new customers stumble upon our tent each week just for the greens and in spite of the weather. And something magical happened—they kept coming back for more. Each week that we gained a few more customers, we were surprised to see them return with empty boxes the next. Their enthusiasm and support inspired us to continue providing fresh, nutritious options for them.”

“We started with three varieties: the Black Oil Sunflower, Dunn Pea shoots, and Rambo Radish greens. The Black Oil Sunflower quickly became my personal favorite. Its crunchy “petals” with delightful nutty undertones and unexpected sweetness made it a perfect addition to my omelets. But we didn’t stop there. Over time, we expanded our offerings to include over a dozen varieties, each one requested by our customers. Among them, our arugula shoots has become a beloved choice for pizzas and salads since its introduction last October. I’m currently obsessed with our spicy mustard greens. Their fiery flavor reminiscent of wasabi adds a mouthwatering kick to any dish. As a lover of spicy food, they are like a sprinkle of hot sauce, enhancing every bite.”

variety of microgreens by Chris Bob owner of Woodstock Microgreens in Woodstock NY

“When it comes to growing microgreens, one variety stands out as truly remarkable—the golden pea. They have an incredibly short growth life. Bursting from our organic soil, they are harvested almost immediately without any exposure to light. It’s this unique process that keeps them radiant with a golden hue, resembling a delicate gold leaf. Not only are they visually striking, but their sweet crunchiness is truly addictive.”

Now, in addition to the farmer’s market, Woodstock Microgreens delivers to most parts of Orange, Dutchess, and Ulster counties. Their website provides a detailed map where you can see your location on the delivery route.

Fresh local sprouts are also being enjoyed at favorite local restaurants like Good Night and Sylvia in Woodstock, NY as well as  in natural grocery stores including Sunflower Market Woodstock, Sunflower Market Rhinebeck, Wallkill View Farm Market in New Paltz and Adams Fairacre Farms in Kingston + Newburgh, NY.

Microgreens on dishes at Good Night in Woodstock

Chef Choi uses Microgreens on the dishes at Good Night in Woodstock NY

Goodnight dishes using microgeens from Woodstock Microgreens

A feast at Good Night garnished with various microgeens

Chris continues to inspire with a  personal motivation to support spiritual refugees, sustainable land practices, community, quality nutrition and love. He also explained,
“Woodstock Microgreens is a project that I started to keep my friend’s organic, Asian produce farm alive. In the winter of 2020, some friends of mine, recent immigrants to the United States, were having a tough time covering the costs of their farm due to language barriers and a lack of customers. I knew I had to do something to help.”

“After some research, I decided to pursue an off-season project that could support their business. I had a hunch that microgreens could be their saving grace, so I turned my longtime hobby of cultivation into my occupation. I was still in college when I started this project, but then COVID happened and kept me home. I was finally able to put my idea to the test. I spent around a year developing the unique flavor of our greens by testing different lighting rigs, soil types, seeds, and workflows. It was a lot of work, but the end result was worth it. After all the hard work, I started selling our produce at the Beacon’s Winter Market.”

“The mission has always been to make Woodstock Microgreens as healthy and cost-effective as possible so that everyone in the Hudson Valley can enjoy great quality microgreens. That’s why I donate excess greens every week. I don’t agree with the recent conventions of microgreens farming which employ water-only or soil substitutes. No way! I elected to cut out ‘factory’ farming and found a way to only use organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds, organic soil, and biodegradable cornstarch packaging while keeping costs low. Woodstock Microgreens from greens to packaging is 100% compostable and American-sourced. I have a passion for educating my customers on the benefits of greens, in terms of health and taste, which has turned them into my greatest marketing partners.”

biodegradable packaging by Chris Bob owner of Woodstock Microgreens in Woodstock NY

“The packaging, which is clear and appears plastic, is actually a unique biodegradable cornstarch packaging. “It’s part of the mission that everything has to be local first and always American if we can’t get it in the Hudson Valley directly.”

“They are compostable at around 140+ degrees over an extended period. I know that if you have a compost tumbler it will break down, it just takes time. We have made them disappear into plant food. Instead of recycling them, you are supposed to send them to a commercial composting facility, you might find a bin that accepts products just like this. This is the ‘correct’ way to dispose of the packaging.”

It can be difficult to find these commercial composting facilities, and if your home compost is not hot enough, the question arises, “What to do with these boxes?” Are there any Hudson Valley farms or businesses reading this that would like to start collecting and composting these cornstarch boxes? This link takes you to the BPI organization that educates and certifies the process and supports the abandonment of plastic waste in the interest of the future. We need more of this – and less plastic.

Chris elaborated on the human rights story at the root of the food project.  “Aside from running this business, I commute from Ulster County down to Manhattan every day. I work as a manager in the subscription department of an international media company founded by refugees from China. Me and all of my fellow employees are banned from China due to a 30-year campaign of persecution, forced imprisonment, and death that they have orchestrated against spiritual minorities such as the Falun Gong.”

“Around the time I was born (22 years ago), a few Chinese immigrants in Atlanta felt an obligation to counter negative propaganda with facts. They witnessed a human rights catastrophe, the persecution of Falun Gong, unfolding before their eyes and founded a media company to expose its perpetrators, the Chinese Communist Party.”

In the Hudson Valley, we are honored to support refugees and create a community around organic, sustainable agriculture, compostable packaging and supremely nutritious pure food.

Get your delivery and be well!

mix of varieties by Chris Bob owner of Woodstock Microgreens in Woodstock NY

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