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Zip to Zip Moving Company Tri State area to the Hudson Valley

Ready to Make a Move in Upstate NY–Meet Giga Parulava of Zip to Zip Moving

By inside + out | July 29, 2023

Making a big move becomes that much easier when you have a moving company that strives for excellence. Meet Inside+Out Premium Member, Giga Parulava, founder of Zip-to-Zip Moving. Whether you are moving your company, a major art exhibition, making a move within the Hudson Valley, or relocating to one of the best places to live (in our humble opinion) right here in the Catskill Mountains – Giga is your guy. Let’s get to know more about him and Zip-to-Zip.

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INSIDE+OUT: Your company services the Tri-State area to the Hudson Valley. Tell us about your services, what makes Zip-to-Zip Moving special and who your ideal customer is.

Giga Parulava: Our expertise lies in various types of moves, including local, long-distance, commercial, and even labor-only services. Having accumulated a decade of experience in transportation and logistics, we proudly serve our customers through a fully licensed and insured company. And, we adhere to the utmost levels of quality within the moving industry. Our team consists of skilled moving professionals dedicated to providing a seamless experience.

We excel in local, long-distance, and commercial moves, and also offer specialized services for labor-only moves. Our services include packing & unpacking, as well as specialized requirements such as piano moving, safe moving, COI moving, senior moving, and specialty moving. Moreover, we provide the convenience of virtual estimates and storage services.

Our primary goal is to assist customers who are seeking support during the, often stressful, process of moving. This is our ideal customer. We understand the challenges involved in relocation and are dedicated to helping our customers navigate through this process effortlessly, ensuring their utmost satisfaction.

Do you offer storage solutions as well? If so, where are they located?

Yes, we provide convenient storage services available at our base location in Tinton Falls, NJ.


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What is a typical move day like for your team?

The day starts early with the moving team reporting to the base and getting prepared to be dispatched to our customers’ locations. We believe in up-skilling and constant improvements, so every morning we have a quick debrief of what and how things need to get done–again to ensure our customers get the best experience possible.

Tell us the funniest moving story you’ve experienced.

Our sales team has a member named Ana, who was discussing a shift change with another salesperson over the phone. Unfortunately, the call got disconnected, and when they received another call, it was a voice that sounded remarkably similar. The salesperson on duty assumed it was their colleague Ana, whom they had just spoken to, but it turned out to be a customer with the same name. It took a few minutes for the salesperson to realize the situation and transition from discussing internal operations to focusing on sales.

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What is one question you’re constantly asked or what’s the biggest misconception about your business or what you do?

The moving business is extremely complex with a lot of moving pieces that need to come together to create a seamless experience. The biggest misconception is that it’s just moving boxes or furniture.  In reality, it’s a lot of critical thinking during the move, accommodating a variety of challenges on the spot. and doing it all with compassion.

How do you grow your business and how do your clients find you?

We pay huge attention to our reputation treating every move as the most important one. This results in high reviews across all the online rating platforms which helps customers to find and trust us. We have a high percentage of returning and recommended customers, and we have activated a variety of marketing channels to get in front of future clients in need of moving.

Zip to Zip Moving Company Tri State area to the Hudson ValleyWhat is the most rewarding and challenging part of your job?

Let’s start with the most rewarding. It is positive feedback from people. We strive not only to create a pleasant experience for our customers, we also focus on maintaining a diverse, empowering work place for our employees giving them the opportunity to grow and thrive.

As for the challenging part, we live in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment and are heavily dependent on the market for our business to grow. It’s constant data-informed decision-making that helps us navigate today’s VUCA–volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity world.

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Are there any new developments or upcoming projects you’d like to share?

We are working on some exciting new initiatives that we will be thrilled to share next season. For now, no new projects will be rolling out as we are fully focused on the moving season.

If you were gifted a weekend in the Hudson Valley, where would you want to stay and what would you do for fun?

To visit Hudson Valley’s historic places such as Lyndhurst or Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site and taste the food at local restaurants. I’m a big foodie and always search to try out new places.

What is your current state of mind?

I’m excited about what’s to come. It’s a challenging time to navigate this business and, at the same time, it’s full of new opportunities that I can’t wait to unlock.

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