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Day tripping Hudson Valley Distilleries

Day Tripping: Hudson Valley Distilleries Are a Whiskey Fan’s Delight!

November 10, 2021

Find world-class spirits crafted with pride—right in our own backyard! New York has the second-highest number of distilleries in the nation, most of which offer tastings and creative beverage ideas you’ll want to try at home! Plan a day trip and enjoy exploring the many purveyors of craft beverages around Ulster County while drinking in the abundant scenic views. Getting the “back story” about how some of New York’s finest spirits are made—and sampling them as you do—is a great way to while away a weekend or holiday afternoon. And don’t forget to enjoy the many roadside restaurants, unique shops, trails, and attractions along the way!

Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery | Gardiner, NY | 845-419-2964

bottle and glass of Hudson Whiskey

If you’re a fan of whiskey, it’s not a complete trip upstate until you make a refreshing stop at Tuthilltown Distillery, the home of Hudson Valley Whiskey. Tranquil and unfussy, with lots of outdoor seating out front (where the distillery cats, Bourbon & Rye, usually hang) including picnic tables surrounded by lush trees and greenery. Sample a tasting with their curated kit that comes with five vials of whiskey/gin or whatever you choose to taste; it comes with a cute little branded whiskey glass. This is a great option if it’s your first time here and you’re not sure what to get. They also have cocktails if that’s more your scene and an on-site restaurant is in the making!

Coppersea Distilling | New Paltz, NY | 914-475-7170

Brewer is raking the grain in the traditional style inside the barn

Give chief distiller Christopher Williams forty-five minutes, and he’ll give you an insider’s understanding of heritage distilling. At this “Grain-to-Glass” farm distillery, everything is definitely done old school. Everything – from grain, floor malting, and open-top fermentation to the direct-fired copper stills and low-proof barreling – adds to the quality of their product, as you will learn and taste for yourself in the cozy tasting room. Each November, the Coppersea crew invites the public to visit the distillery and raise a glass in co-founder Angus MacDonald’s memory – and not just any glass, but a nip of Big Angus Green Malt. This distillery also makes two very fine pear brandies, the quality of which is well worth taking home.

The Hudson House & Distillery | West Park, NY | 845-834-6007

bottle of Altair vodka and cocktail on the bar

Yes, it’s a distillery, but if you’re planning a special event, this historic and stately waterfront property could be the idyllic setting. Situated on an iconic 27-acre waterfront property, The Hudson House is home to a one-of-a-kind farm distillery, producing ultra premium, limited batch spirits. Whether you’re interested in our limited batch Black Creek Bourbon and Rye Whiskey or enjoying our Hudson House Wine and Beer, there’s a seat for you in one of our various Tasting Rooms, located throughout the historic manor. Tours of the property include their unique distillery located in the cellar of a former monastery are also available.

Hudson Valley Distillers | Clermont, NY | 518-537-6820

bottle of Applejack spirits, hot cider cocktail and an apple on top of a barrel in Autumn

Distillers of currant brandy, bourbon, and applejack (America’s first spirit), all sourced and bottled in the Hudson Valley. “We make our spirits easy for you and your friends to enjoy, while old stories are told and new memories are made — either at your own table or with us at our farm distillery tasting room. Some call it a better way of doing things but we like to think of it as “Time Well Spent.” The cozy but spacious 4-BR Post Road Farmhouse is now available for short-term stays. Located just 20 minutes from Hudson.

Dutch’s Spirits | Pine Plains, NY | 518-398-1022

Moonshine bottle on the fence with sunset and barn in the distance

On October 10, 1932, the FBI descended on a secluded, pretty spot in quiet Pine Plains. The innocently named Harvest Homestead Farm was a cover for what might’ve been the most impressive operation of the entire bootlegging era. Owned by mobster Dutch Schultz, the property encompassed a warren of underground tunnels and bunkers where the Feds found two 2,000-gallon stills and 10,000 pounds of sugar. On September 12, 88 years later, the property opened to the public, legally, as Dutch’s Spirits, complete with a museum, picnic area, and an updated version of moonshine. Dutch’s Sugar Wash Shine, made with raw turbinado sugar, is an 80-proof liquor that can sub in for light rum or even vodka. “It’s not what most people would associate with moonshine,” says proprietor Braden McAlpine. “It’s not rocket fuel. It’s very drinkable on its own.” The nose bears aromas of cut grass and rich butterscotch. Succulent vanilla and grapefruit notes envelop the mouth and a medley of tropical fruit and maple flavors linger in a pleasantly long and smooth finish.

Alton Distillery | Bethel, NY  | 845-583-3141

Peace Vodka bottles in various positions displaying their new packaging like models

Home of the infamous PEACE VODKA! Under new ownership, same great taste with new packaging. A farm distillery that produces award-winning spirits out of Bethel NY. Catskills water and NY-grown grains and fruits. The property is across from the site of the original 1969 Woodstock music festival and Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center. Tastings are on Fridays - Sundays 12–5 pm.


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