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Hudson Valley Artisan Barbara Klar Commitment Bands

When Your Love for One Another Is Utterly Unique – So Too Should Be The Gifts To Celebrate It!

February 1, 2023

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we ponder the many ways to celebrate our love for that special person in our life. For most of us, February 14th is an annual ritual of love, traditionally expressed with a romantic dinner, flowers, gifts, chocolates and perhaps a bottle of bubbly.

Today we’d like to acknowledge and celebrate a couple who, on their tenth anniversary, commissioned a set of commitment bands to celebrate their life of love and joy together. A commitment band, similar to a wedding band, is a sweet and special gift that – with every glance at your hand – reminds you that you’re loved and cherished by your special loved one. What a romantic notion…

Which brings us to Hudson Valley local metalsmith, Barbara Klar. As we peruse her collection of limited edition and one-of-a-kind gold and silver jewelry, we can’t help but notice the intricate details and thoughtful use of symbols, signs and talismans. In the spirit of celebrating this Valentine’s Day, we’d love to share a few pieces from Barbara’s collection (starting with two stunning sets of commitment bands) sure to make Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

Inside+Out is pleased to showcase the one-of-a-kind designs of Barbara Klar, a Hudson Valley gem!

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Barbara Klar Commitment Bands

Whether you are celebrating a special friendship, engagement, or a wedding, commitment bands are a wonderful way solidify your love! Many of these rings can be worn as sets or stacked. All Commitment Bands are by special order, available in all sizes and made with exquisite craftsmanship.

Hudson Valley Artisan Barbara Klar Commitment BandsHudson Valley Artisan Barbara Klar Commitment Bands

Charms for Galentine’s Day

If you’re gifting your amazing friends, gal-pals or yourself (hey, why not!), check out Barbara’s Charm Collection, a great way to celebrate an anniversary or friendship. This is the gift that keeps giving, should one want to build upon this gifted piece with an array of charms that can be added for special occasions. Hand-finished charms, amulets and pendants spell out sweet sentiments.

Hudson Valley Artisan Barbara Klar CharmsBarbara Klar Heart Charms

Gifts for Guys and Gals: Fobs and Keychains

We love this look! These heavy weight chains are designed to attach your keys or wallets to your pants. The locks can attach to your belt loops or pockets and the chain fobs totally ROCK OUT any ensemble. Wear one or more and collect charms that can be added as multiple accents. They can also be worn  as wrap-around bracelets and neck chains. Chains are solid Sterling Silver and feature links and some chunky locks that are hand-made by Barbara.

Hudson Valley Artisan Barbara Klar Fobs and Keychains

We know your love for one another is unique – so too, should be the gifts to celebrate it. Ordering a custom design from Barbara Klar is easy and she’ll guide you each step of the way:

  1. Select a style of ring
  2. Select Stones
  3. Provide a Drawing for your review
  4. Size the customer
  5. Make a wax carving of the ring
  6. Melting of the ring for casting
  7. Setting the stone in the metal
  8. Final polishing of the ring
  9. Ring Finished
  10. Gift your Loved one  #withallmylove

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Barbara Klar Studio is in Woodstock NY | By Appointment Only
Barbara Klar on Inside+Out Upstate NY
Barbara Klar Website
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