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Cristen and Kimberly Chin of The Chin Twins

10 Things to know about Cristen Chin of The Chin Twins

By inside + out | October 9, 2022

We recently featured an exclusive interview with Cristen and Kimberly Chin, better known as The Chin Twins – be sure to check out the full interview HERE. Today, let’s get to know Crissy Chin a little more intimately.

The Chin Twins shot by Nigel Barker

All Photos by Nigel Barker


What is your favorite local Restaurant? 


Go-to coffee shop?

Bread Alone

Fav local view?

Cooper Lake

Which local store do you most frequent?

Three Turtle Doves

Favorite Weekend Activity?

BBQ-ing with the family and entertaining guests in the garden

What are you reading?

The Nightingale by Kristen Hannah


Stanley Tucci searching for Italy

Listening to?

Eckart Tolle’s A new earth podcast

Favorite Artists?

Bob Marley, Monet, Nigel Barker 😘

If you could have one superpower what would that be?

Teleportation so we (Cristen and Kimmie) could see each other every day, and to be able to fly like a bird

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