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John Bartlett and Marist College Present the 37th Annual Student Silver Needle Runway Fashion Show

May 22, 2023

A few weeks ago, the students of Marist College Fashion Show Production, debuted their 37th Annual Silver Needle Runway Fashion Show at the Marist College McCann Center in Poughkeepsie, New York. This year’s theme entitled, [RE]ACTION, embodies the spirit of creating change and encouraging students to fight for what is right in pursuit of creating a better future. Aside from graduation, this show is the biggest event on campus and is completely produced and designed by the students of the Marist Fashion Program showcasing the senior collections of the 35 student designers of Marist College.

Fashion Runway Photos by Daniel Parker.

If you missed the show, visit the SNR37 website and be sure to check out the content related to this year’s signature fashion show by visiting SNR Metaverse. Students decided to enter the Metaverse and showcase SNR 37 to stay on top of the latest technological advancements in the fashion industry. Since the Metaverse has been a trending topic in the industry, students explored the space themselves, finding a platform that was a great fit for the SNR brand. The SNR virtual world was created over the course of three months by four students on the communications and branding teams: Tori Simkulet ’23, Sarah Jacobs ’24, Deniz Coskun ’24, and Aidan Donnelly ’24 using a platform called Spatial.

“SNR is more than just a fashion show, so the Metaverse is significant in that it allows us to digitally present all of the student work that is produced throughout the semester. The SNR Metaverse promotes this year’s themes of bettering our community through inclusive access for all in the virtual world and transparency by directly highlighting student work in an innovative and creative way.” –  Tori Simkulet, fashion merchandising major and SNR 37 Social Media and Website Director

The SNR Metaverse virtual world can be accessed through phones, web browsers, and VR headsets, creating an augmented reality for users who want to fully immerse themselves in the space. You can create your own avatar and explore the SNR 37 virtual gallery, which includes designer interviews, videos, merchandise designs, newsletters, podcasts, and more.

SNR Metaverse Marist College Annual Student Fashion Show SNR37Custom Avatar SNR37 Fashion Show Metaverse


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We caught up with John Bartlett, the Director of Fashion Program to talk about the show, his students and future plans. And kudos to our friend, Sean Nutley who co-produced the show!

INSIDE+OUT: As the Director of the Fashion Program at Marist, what are you most proud of when it comes to this year’s Silver Needle Runway Show?

JOHN BARTLETT: The show is produced by students to celebrate the work of the student designers. I love that this is entirely created, conceived and realized by students. I am also most proud of the diversity that was reflected on the runway. This is incredibly important to Marist and to our Program and reflects the students and their desire to approach their work through the lens of inclusiveness.

We love that the program and event were supported by a SNR Metaverse presence. How did this come about?

The students are incredibly savvy and see the Metaverse as an important aspect to the future of fashion. They are always thinking about what’s next and their generation understands how to translate this.

In addition to the marketing tactic mentioned above, what are all of the elements used to promote the event and did the students handle all aspects of marketing and promotion?

The student directors for Silver Needle Runway work tirelessly through many social media platforms as well as through traditional outlets to market and promote the show. We have a concentration in our Marist Merchandising Program that is entitled Promotion and these students are very professional in their approach to how to get traction.

With your highly revered legacy in the fashion world, I am sure you’re an inspiration to your students. How do your students inspire you?

The students at Marist are incredible and have taught me so much. Their work is filtered and informed through the lens of social justice, whether it be climate justice, body positivity, inclusiveness, they are in this world to make a difference and are teaching me how to utilize a love of fashion to impact change.

Rumor has it, you’re creating a new line of goods and fashion. Can you tell us more about that? Will they be sold in Hudson Valley shops? And,  would you ever consider opening a retail shop in Upstate NY?

I have created a line of upcycled accessories with Unshattered, an amazing non-profit located in Wappingers Falls. The profits go to my own non-profit that raises money for independent rescue groups who are saving dogs from languishing in shelters. It’s a win-win. No plans right now to open a store. I am a bit too busy to focus on that right now.

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SNR37 [RE]ACTION Lookbook > HERE


SNR 37: [RE]ACTION: Designers’ Collections

Abigail Bedard – Eclectica
LindseyAnn Moschetta – Childhood Whimsy
Chloe Emilio – I’m Fine
Isabelle Leboeuf – Adagio
Jacquelyn Hampson – Bridging The Gap
Annie Starn – Breaking Down the Wall
Sandy Chillogalli – Reborn
Cece Hinds – Ce
Rachel Kamppila – Metamorphosis
Libby Muth – From Her Boots to Her Roots
Adrianna Mojica – Lifelines
Christopher Lagasse – Riches to Rags to Riches
Annika Rasmussen – Souvenir
Aleena Brown – Building Blocks
Simran Chhabra – The Sounds of Story Telling
Mikayla Schnepf – Quilted
Tara Sears – Sense
Kat Caravaggio – Let Them Eat Cake
Caroline Gomez – Cargo Collection
Bria Royer – Humor Heals
Olivia Burrowes – Motor Mania
Emkay Kanu – Purple Seduction
Sophie Wong – Unravel & Re-thread
Chaiyah Chambers – Luxe Is She
Sam Gaskins – Stand With The 97%
Shannon Wines – Eve
Isabelle Perez – Justice para la Cultura
Allissa Divak – The Other Side of Fear
Monica McKenzie – Angeles de la Tierra
Troi Smith – Clock in Clock Out
Juliana Fame – The Ugly Duckling
Emily Zapata
Mckenzey Apgar
Marina Matozzo
Madeline Cook



About SNR37
Marist Fashion’s 37th Annual Silver Needle Runway, [RE]ACTION, is meant to provide a candid and unfiltered outlook on the social issues that exist in our society. It explores the actions being taken within our community and beyond that are catalyzing change and paving the way for a better future. We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are. How will you react to the current world and let your voice be heard?

The Fashion Show Production class is an experiential learning course, where the students involved are able to obtain real life experience and gain an understanding of what a future career in the fashion industry could look like. Through a rigorous application and interview process, the students of the fashion show production class are hand selected to participate in the class. The students are then broken up into five teams including creative, production, communications, branding, and logistics. The class’ unique structure mimics a professional work-place environment, preparing students for their future careers. Each of these teams have implemented creative and innovative ideas that will bring the vision of SNR 37 [RE]ACTION to life.

About John Bartlett 
John Bartlett is an award winning fashion designer who has worked in the fashion industry for over thirty years. With his own eponymous collection, John earned awards as Best Newcomer and Best Menswear Designer of the Year from the prestigious C.F.D.A. (Council of Fashion Designers of America). He was also honored as Designer of the Year from the American Footwear and Apparel Association. John has shown his collection globally and has also worked as Design Director for other American Brands such as Ghurka and Liz Claiborne, as well as the Italian brand Byblos.

John’s goal as Director is to enhance and elevate the Design and Merchandising Programs to compete in today’s apparel industry. His focus is on digital expertise, internship opportunities and pinpointing the opportunities in the fashion sector.

For more information on this event visit the show’s website
Follow Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok @SilverNeedleRunway.

Enter the SNR [RE]ACTION Virtual World HERE

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