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Jose Picayo photo at the Robin Rice exhibition at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Robin Rice Gallery Presents “E X P E R I E N C E” at Hudson Milner Arts Salon

By inside + out | March 25, 2023

Inside+Out is pleased to feature our Editor’s Picks for an exciting exhibition in Hudson NY – the Robin Rice Gallery “E X P E R I E N C E” currently showing at  The Hudson Milliner Art Salon through April 28, 2023. There are so many wonderful works like the featured photo above by José Picayo.

Robin Rice Gallery: "E X P E R I E N C E" at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Robin Rice, herself a photographer, opened the Robin Rice Gallery located at 325 West 11th street in NYC, in 1990. The “E X P E R I E N C E” exhibition represents carefully curated works by Rice’s gallery artists, including fine art photography, painting, lighting, and sculpture, that work together seamlessly in her signature Salon style installations.

Robin Rice Gallery: "EXPERIENCE" at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Photo by Todd Burris

Lifeguard at station photo by Robin Rice

Photo by Robin Rice

Fern Photo by Mark and Kristin Sink

Photo by Mark & Kristin Sink

Robin Rice Gallery: "EXPERIENCE" at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Photo by Robin Rice

This exhibition, much like her own life, is about more than just looking at art, as she has a knack for organically bringing people together, adding a real social element to their experience.

“I love the moment when the viewer is first drawn to an image,” says Rice, “sometimes it’s indefinable; a moment when the viewer not only shares but also reconnects to an experience remembered. When that moment comes, I’ll do whatever I can to make it possible for a client to have the art that moves them.”

Robin Rice Gallery: "EXPERIENCE" at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Photo by Leonardo Pucci

Photo of Andy Warhol by Mark Sink

Photo of Andy Warhol by Mark Sink

Robin Rice Gallery: "EXPERIENCE" at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

photo by Ninad Samuilo

White Horse photo by Kim Reierson

Photo by Kim Reierson

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Hudson Milliner Art Salon

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415 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

Fridays 2 pm to 6 pm
Saturdays 10 am to 6 pm
Sundays 11 am to 5 pm
Mondays 12 am to 5 pm
Or, by appointment call 917-375-6660

Robin Rice Gallery: "E X P E R I E N C E" at the Hudson Milliner Art Salon

Photo by Thomas Alleman

Robin Rice  + Robin Rice Gallery

The Robin Rice Gallery offers clients beautiful, timeless images that will engage the viewer, titillate the senses and transform the total atmosphere of a space. With her expert placement and collaborative work style, the Gallery helps privately owned homes as well as commercial spaces reach their visual potential. Whether working with corporate clients or established collectors, Robin Rice guides patrons throughout the selection process, inspiring them to build a stylish collection or striking décor with a range of works across many price points. Voted Best Of New York: “Best Affordable Art Gallery” 2004 by New York Magazine.


The Hudson Milliner Art Salon

The Hudson Milliner is a creative and collaborative art space featuring art and performance run by Shannon and Charlotta, two artists from Brooklyn. The space was born from the desire to bring the history and character out of the building and share the beautiful space with others. The top two floors were transformed from lifeless office spaces into four charming suites and the Milliner began taking guests in Fall of 2013. Right on Warren Street in the midst of everything happening in Hudson, it’s a lovely place to stay for an upstate getaway.

Charlotta is a painter & restauranteur, who grew up in Iran and Germany. Her paintings on the cusp of black & white and color, explore the past and inform the now. A recent project, inspired by police mug shots of heroic Bus Boycotters and Freedom Riders from the ’50’s and ’60’s currently tours the States. Her restaurants Chez Oskar is located in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

Shannon is an advertising and art photographer from New York City, who challenges big waves, plays street basketball and studies jiu jitsu whenever he isn’t making photographs or renovating gorgeous buildings.

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