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Inside+Out Interview with musicians Jocelyn & Chris

10 Things You Need to Know about Guitarist Chris Arndt of Jocelyn & Chris

April 26, 2022

Inside+Out Upstate NY gets personal with Chris Arndt, the uber-talented guitarist and songwriter of the brother-sister duo, Jocelyn & Chris. This Upstate NY band has achieved four consecutive radio singles in the Billboard AAA Top 40, hit the #1 slot on the Relix Jambands Top 30 Album Chart, and appeared on NBC’s Today Show. We’re super excited about their new full-length album, called “Favorite Ghosts, which releases in May!

Read our Exclusive Interview with Jocelyn & Chris HERE. 

What music are you listening to?
Zeppelin IV for dayzzz.

What are you reading?
Sense and Sensibility or On Food and Cooking, depending on my mood.

What are you watching?
I mostly watch food YouTube when I’m not catching up on My Hero Academia.

What are your favorite Podcasts?
Unexplainable and Today, Explained. No relation.

Name three things always in your fridge/pantry
At least 5 different kinds of hot sauce. Beans. Instant ramen.
I love to cook, but sometimes you just need 2000% of your daily dose of sodium in one convenient package.

What is your favorite thing about the Hudson Valley
So many excellent bike paths!

Name your favorite Hudson Valley Restaurant
Stewarts? Or the Anchor. That place makes some serious burgers.

Name your Favorite Hudson Valley Music Venues
The Falcon. Great sound, great vibes, great food, and the best backstage view I’ve ever seen.

Favorite Local View?

The top of Gore Mountain in North Creek, NY!
Jocelyn and I grew up skiing and snowboarding there, and we both worked as instructors when we were in high school.

Dream Upstate NY Weekend?
Breweries, mountain biking, road biking, hiking, breweries, walking around any one of the million awesome towns,
and then maybe some more breweries. Plus beer at home on Sunday night.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
I want to be able to talk to my cats.

What’s your current state of mind?
I had too much caffeine on an empty stomach this morning, so I’m currently shaky.
But I’m also really happy about the weather and our new music coming out. So, I’d say 98% awesome.


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Jocelyn & Chris

Volume… Loud.
Hair… Long.
Apologies… None.

Think rock is dead? Meet Jocelyn & Chris. Two analog souls hell-bent on inciting a new rock revival.

Along with their band, Jocelyn and Chris have performed at hundreds of music festivals and venues across the country, including the Sundance Film Festival, the CMJ Music Festival in NYC, Mountain Jam Festival in Woodstock, NY, South by Southwest in Austin, TX, and Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI, where they were voted Best Act on the Emerging Artists Stage.  Additionally, the group has played music venues such as The Viper Room and Hotel Café in Hollywood, CA, 3rd and Lindsley in Nashville, TN, Higher Ground in Burlington, VT, and The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall in NYC.

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