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A “Nu” Approach to Wellness with NuHydration

By inside + out | June 10, 2022

NuHydration, founded by Upstate NY local Jordan Bock, is changing how we experience wellness with one of the Hudson Valley’s first at-home mobile IV therapy services. Guided by the belief that a well-hydrated body is essential to good health, NuHydration offers safe, targeted hydration therapy to correct nutrient deficiencies and insufficiencies. These therapies infuse the body with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants. This “Nu” approach offers IV Nutrient Therapy in the comfort of your home, home office, hotel, and spa. Let’s learn more about Jordan Bock and his journey… with a special heartfelt ending (read all the way to the end!)

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Inside+Out: How did you wind up in the Hudson Valley? Where are you based?

Jordan Bock: I grew up in Woodstock, New York and I am currently based in Manhattan.

What inspired the idea for your business?

I grew up in a household that was very health-focused and very much a garden-to-table or local-to-table food vibe. My parents inspired me to eat healthily and pay attention to the nutrients I was consuming. When kids were eating gushers, we ate bananas and oranges for dessert… Anyway, over the past couple of years, I’ve worked for our family-owned supplement company, Bock Nutritionals, and was (and still am) constantly approached by manufacturers with new ingredients and nutrients to incorporate into our product line. This led me to investigate the benefits of IV nutrient therapy. I was hooked when I learned about the extremely high absorption of IV nutrients in our bodies.

In short, I was inspired by my parents teaching me the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

NuHydration | IV Therapy | Inside+Out Upstate NY
In recent years, IV vitamin treatments have soared in popularity. Why do you think that is, and what does it take for someone to try it?

I think for many reasons- one of them is how renewed people feel after IV treatment. A very high percentage of our client base often say, “I feel like a completely new person.” Another reason is that known celebrities have taken to IV therapy as a part of their daily routine- looking to optimize their health. Lastly, I think the mobile/concierge component of IV therapy has also raised interest in clients. The mobile aspect is one of our favorite parts of offering NuHydration in the Hudson Valley.

IV treatments are packed with vitamins and minerals. How do you decide on the various combinations you offer?

Our incredible medical staff has four decades of experience, so they have tailored our IVs based on what has helped in the field.

We have 10 formulas that may help with hydration, immunity, anti-aging, Lyme disease, hangovers, detox, and relaxation:

Boost Your Immune System NuMMunity C

Hangover Less Nu Day

Get Back Your Glow Nu Glow

Hydrate Your Body & Mind NuHydration

Restore Your Mind, Body & Soul Nu Myers

Regain Your Energy Nu Boost

Cleanse Your Workweek Away DETOX Nu

Relax & Restore Nu Calm

Tackle Lyme Symptoms Lyme reNU

Be Young & Free Nu Youth

Where are your products sourced?

Our products are sourced from our FDA-accredited 503 B compounding pharmacy. They are a leader in sterile compounding and use the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest level of pharmaceutical-grade products. Our manufacturer has CGMP (current good manufacturing practice) designation and is a USP (United States Pharmacopeia), ensuring its ingredients meet the highest standards in accordance with FDA.

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness to me means attention and consciousness to care for your mind and body.

What is one question you’re constantly asked OR what’s the biggest misconception about your work?

When I tell people about starting NuHydration, often people might say, “Oh yeah, like hangover IVs or quick fix IVs.” Although we offer a hangover IV, our goal on each visit is to guide our clients through a wellness experience. We discuss the benefits of IV therapy and answer any questions our clients may have. Before each visit, we require each client to fill out our intake form. where our Nurse Practitioner, Jen Petkos FNP, will review and ensure our client is suitable for IV therapy. During the week, we set up complimentary phone conversations with our Nurse Practitioner to discuss the various IV options and go over our client’s intake form.

NuHydration | IV Therapy | Inside+Out Upstate NY
How do you grow your business / How do your clients find you?

We have an incredible website team– they are experts in search engine optimization and getting us found on Google. People mainly find us on Google. However, more recently, due to our rapid growth, we have seen a market increase in referrals from satisfied clients.

Do you leverage social media to get work, and how is that working for you?

In researching social media in the IV therapy world, some companies are absolutely crushin’ it and are utilizing user-generated content to bolster traffic and get the word out. We absolutely use social media (@nuhydration). Our primary focus is to educate our audience about our IVs and share our mobile IVs and in-lounge IV services in Red Hook, New York. We are slowly building but still learning and testing what works and what doesn’t. We aim to have conversations with our audience and share visually exciting content with our clients and team.

What about the Hudson Valley makes it unique to live + work here?

Too much good about the Hudson Valley to sum up in a couple of sentences! Obviously, I’m biased growing up here in the Hudson Valley. Still, after traveling to many different places across the world, I have come to more fully recognize the Hudson Valley’s uniqueness and beauty. Embedded in the DNA of the Hudson Valley are views you can’t beat and people that are genuine and real. It’s truly a gift to be growing a business here in the Hudson Valley.

What impact does your business have on your community?

The most significant impact on our community is the mobile/concierge IV component to NuHydration. When clients call about our at-home concierge IV services, it’s often a breath of fresh air for them, as they can’t leave their kids alone at home or have no time to visit a doctor’s office. It’s rewarding being able to provide this new service which allows people to sit back, relax, and not stress or disrupt their daily schedule.

What is missing in the area that you wish we had?

Truthfully, I’m happy with a lot of the new additions to Woodstock and the surrounding area. Some new restaurants are spectacular. I’d love it if there was a rooftop presence, whether it be a bar or restaurant in Woodstock. There are so many incredible views throughout the Hudson Valley. I think this would be a great offering!

What would be your dream local Staycation?

I’d love to stay at the Woodstock Way!

Who or what inspires you personally?

Both of my parents inspire me tremendously. They have taught me the meaning of hard work and other values such as humility, graciousness, and kindness. Their impactful imprint on me has given me the tools to create NuHydration and the confidence to continue to follow a meaningful line of work.

Tell us something about yourself that people might be surprised to know?

In 2019, I left my job in corporate America in Manhattan and decided to find more meaning in my life. I was adopted as a child and decided to search for my birth family in Medellin, Colombia. I was prepared to go knocking on doors to find my birth family; however, luckily, the search agency we worked with was able to find them. And to my surprise, I had a brother and birth mom who wanted to meet me! I set out on an 11-day journey that changed my life forever. I came back feeling so fortunate: how my birth mom gave me a healthy life as a baby with little to zero resources and how so many children around the world are not this fortunate. I came back to the states so grateful. I instantly knew I wanted to start my career in health and wellness. Here’s the video of our first time meeting: Meeting Marta for the First Time

A very touching video – tears will be shed watching this! Thank you for sharing that and for keeping Upstate New Yorkers happily hydrated!


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