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We Are Upstate NY with Hudson House New York CEO Charles Ferri

The Hudson House New York is a spectacular waterfront destination with a craft distillery in a former monastery, an event space, and a boutique hotel located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Situated on an iconic 27-acre waterfront property, it produces premium, limited-batch spirits.

Hudson House NY Manor and Distillery

The Hudson House consists of a parlor, living room, library and bar with a large deck overlooking the Hudson River. In addition to in-house hand-crafted spirits, they feature a seasonal food and cocktail menu curated using locally-sourced ingredients. Hudson House Wine & Beer are also available in partnership with local craft purveyors.

Built in the 1850s, the building was most recently a 100+-year-old monastery. In 2015, proprietors Paul Ceres and Charles Ferri became the 4th owner in over 150 years when the Vatican approved their purchase and the vision for its new life began. ‍In keeping with the original Italian villa revival style of architecture, Ceres and Ferri have committed to restoring and maintaining the property’s existing beauty while transforming it into a top destination for locals and tourists in the Hudson Valley.

Inside+Out is thrilled to share our exclusive interview with the Chief Executive Officer of Hudson House, Charles Ferri about the story of the property, and what they offer as a hotel, distillery, and events space.

Hudson House Mansion Montgomery NY

How did you get started in distilling?

It started with a dream of a destination distillery similar to vineyard experiences in Europe and Napa many years ago that grew into a fateful day in 2015, finding the most iconic location for this dream to become a reality.

Where are the materials sourced?

We made the conscious decision to source as much as possible locally and made in the USA, including our glass bottles, which are made in Pennsylvania, even if it meant fewer profits. We are proud to support American companies and jobs even if that means spending more to “do the right thing”. Sadly, many companies are purchasing glass overseas at a fraction of the cost. Most of our grains are from New York State as well as our labels.

Hudson House New York Distillery
the distillery at Hudson House New. York
Who does the distillation and where does it happen?

In this business, you do not get a license to distill until you are ready to open to the public. We spent six years of hell trying to get the first-of-its-kind waterfront distillery, event space and future hotel approved and open. During this time we partnered with the Finger Lakes Distillery to help us fill and store barrels until we were legally allowed to transfer them to our location for crafting, blending, bottling and final packaging.

What’s unique about your products in comparison to other distilleries?

Not only do we have the most unique craft distillery experience in the country from a former 100+-year-old monastery on the Hudson River, but we have a game changer with an old artesian well on site that is tapped into a Catskill Aquifer. We are blessed with naturally soft mineral water which is called “sweet water” or better yet our “Holy Water”. This water when infused into our Black Creek Bourbon, Rye and Altair Vodka help to enhance the smells and aromas while softening the heavy burn. All our spirits are made to enjoy neat first before being mixed or diluted. Our vodka is unlike any vodka on the market in that it has a floral nose and tastes similar to tequila or gin with no burn!

the bar at Hudson House New York
outside patio hudson house new york
Are there other producers with whom you feel an affinity?

We love all craft distillers that stay true to what they believe in and are supporting locally with American-made materials.

What’s special about Hudson House?

It’s truly a magical place. From the moment you turn onto the property to your first steps inside the old manor you can feel the history and beauty come to life. It’s hard to describe this feeling but we encourage everyone to come to see and feel it for themselves.

dining at Hudson House New York
What do you like about the Hudson Valley and how do you fit into the community?

I grew up in Hopewell Junction so I know the Hudson Valley extremely well. It starts with the people, who are down-to-earth, happy, passionate, family-oriented and always willing to help others. The region is very dynamic with valleys, rivers, streams, forests, farms, rich soil and an abundance of pure water. Paul has recently moved into the Hudson Valley, so we both are happy to call it our home.

Favorite things to do in the Hudson Valley?

We explore our property as much as possible when time permits. There is so much more history to learn and discover.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Dreams rarely come true but we are living proof that if you believe in something strong enough and you have the perseverance to not quit, you can achieve whatever you want in your life.


Hudson House Signage

Photography: Hudson House New York
The Hudson House New York

1835 US Route 9W
West Park, New York 12493


Thursday 4 pm to 9 pm
Friday 4 pm to 9 pm
Saturday 12 pm to 10 pm
Sunday 12 pm to 8 pm


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