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Kertese custom Wallpaper designs

Custom Wallpaper and Wallpaper Designers That Will Rock Your Interior Designs

April 12, 2023

Wallpaper is having its moment to shine. The latest technologies have turned wallpaper into a highly desirable trend in home design and, it’s bringing wild new designs to walls, step risers, and more. Gone are the drab prints of yesteryear. New printing techniques make it possible to create wallcoverings that define and enliven rooms in distinctly individual ways–and they can be surprisingly cost accessible. No longer limited to printing on paper, it’s now possible to print bold and dramatic patterns on materials such as corks, grass-cloths and silks. Trends such as borders, stripes, metallics and tactile wallpaper help homeowners add personal flair to home surfaces. Here are unique resources in and around the Hudson Valley you need to know about!.

Interior designers, wallpaper designers and homeowners, this post is for you!

Kertesē | Inside+out Member | Follow on Instagram @kertese_official

New Hudson Valley business alert! Check out the new line of beautifully designed wallpaper from Kertesē. Have something specific in mind? Print your own. Founded in 2022 this Hudson Valley boutique wallpaper company creates unique works of functional art. Working with local designers and artists, Kertesē uses cutting-edge  printing techniques to create bespoke, handcrafted luxury wallpaper and wall art. Each collection includes one-of-a-kind textures and finishes along with the option to choose from different background colors to ensure the art you choose fits your interior design visions.  

Kertese Custom Designed Wallpaper
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Marcie Paper | Follow on Instagram @marciepape

Marcie Paper is the brainchild of an artist and designer who lives both in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley. ​ Known for her exquisite hand-painted wallpaper, the company offers graphic, painterly wall murals, weavings, hand-painted ceramic tiles, textile design and block-printing in vivid and intriguing patterns.​ The palette is pleasingly modern yet could blend beautifully with more classic farmhouse spaces. Their  gorgeous patterns are an easy way to brighten walls, stair treads or add pizzazz to an accent wall while boldly complementing art and furnishings.

Marcie Paper Hand-painted wallpaperMarcie Paper Hand-painted wallpaperMarcie Paper Hand-painted wallpaper 

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Rural Modernist | Visit the Website

Jason O’Malley, an illustrator/graphic designer by trade, makes playful, and unforgettable ceramics, wallpaper, and art in his Kingston, NY studio. His one-of-a-kind wallpaper designs can transform a room accenting its best features with colorful charm and flair.

wallpaper design rural modernist jason omalleywallpaper design rural modernist jason omalleywallpaper design rural modernist jason omalley
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Sheila Bridges Design Inc./Sheila Bridges Home | Follow on Instagram @harlemtoilegirl 

Sheila Bridges splits her time—and finds artistic inspiration—in the Hudson Valley, Harlem and Iceland. Named America’s Best Interior Designer by Time magazine and CNN, Bridges is considered a creative visionary and design tastemaker. Her thoughtfully inspired and narratively rich interiors showcase her appreciation of timeless design and quality craftsmanship. Her interiors are often colorful and multi-layered but informed by architecture and historical reference. Her visual cultural translations have been showcased in museums internationally, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Studio Museum of Harlem and The Museum of Art and Design in New York City. 

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Flavor Paper | Follow on Instagram @flavorpaper

While not based in the Hudson Valley, this company is the source for the unique wall coverings found in Hudson’s Maker Hotel. Flavor Paper is known for creating hand-screened and digital wallpaper that, while paying homage to classic style, flips tradition on its head. Since opening up shop in 2003, their off-the-wall vision and passion for pushing the innovation envelope with unexpected materials and new technology— cue holographic and ponyskin grounds, scratch-and-sniff scents, Day-Glo and invisible inks, and more—has garnered awards worldwide. The company explores the boundaries of conventional wallcovering design—and then breaks them.

Flavor Paper Wallpaper Design at The Maker HotelWarhol Wallpaper Collection at Flavor PaperFlavor Paper Wallpaper Design

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