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Zephyr Float

Modern Day Wellness in the Hudson Valley

By inside + out | March 30, 2022

Modern-day wellness features an incredible array of innovative treatments you may have yet to discover but definitely should check out! From crushed crystal facials and IV therapies to meditative floats and pain-easing cryotherapy, these intriguing developments can help you feel and look your best. Inspired by the latest scientific research, such treatments are offering alternative ways to improve mood, relieve pain and regenerate skin. Here are some of the Hudson Valley’s finest. Top photo: Zephyr Floats


Nuhydration IV Therapy and Wellness | Red Hook NY | 845-244-8740 | WEBSITE
Nuhydration IV Therapy + Wellness

An important part of looking and feeling your best is making sure you get all the nutrients you need. NuHydration’s IV therapies are designed to infuse bodies with the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants needed to support wellness. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, making them available instantly and providing your body with the opportunity to absorb the nutrients it needs without losing any in the digestive tract. In addition to correcting nutrient deficiencies and insufficiencies in your body, some of the potential benefits include increased energy levels, promoting relaxation, and giving your skin a more youthful appearance.

Poppi Wellness + Bio Optimization | Hudson NY | 518-500-4511 | WEBSITE
poppi bio hudson ny

The services offered by Poppi Wellness and Bio Optimization reflect current scientific research in the field of wellness and a healthy lifespan. While the wellness center offers conventional Botox and Dermal Fillers, there’s also a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that can double the amount of O2 in the blood in just one hour. This kind of oxygen boost has been shown to help reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and stem cell production. Studies suggest that this oxygen treatment may also lengthen telomeres, which play a role in aging. The center offers a variety of IV drip infusions, some of which are designed to decrease brain fog, alleviate chronic fatigue and slow the aging process. Some other infusions were created to relieve stress and improve mood, while some can improve insulin sensitivity and others are designed to improve energy and performance. Visitors can also take a DNA test to receive diet and lifestyle suggestions to slow the progression of aging.

Flora Beauty +  Wellness & Apothecary | Kingston NY | 845-514-2360 | WEBSITE
Floral Beauty + Wellness & Apothecary

Flora is a green beauty line handcrafted in small batches from organic, ethically-sourced, cruelty-free and vegan products. The store offers beauty treatments and massages, plus holistic plant based-facials that draw on Ayurvedic therapeutics, integrating the use of facial gua sha, herbal poultices, and intentional massage techniques. The store’s infrared crystal biomat treatment employs the healing properties of amethysts. After being warmed, the all-natural crushed amethyst crystals and agate disks release negative ions deep into the body’s tissues, which can restore physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing. Infrared therapy can improve the look of skin while also repairing it at a cellular level and aiding in detoxification, relaxation and pain relief. Pairing the biomat with personalized spa services can improve your blood flow and circulation while boosting the immune system and metabolism.

Catskill Cryo | Catskill NY | 518-947-8718 | WEBSITE
Catskill Cryo

Catskill Cryo is the first venue in New York’s upper Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region to offer whole body cryotherapy (Cryo)—an innovative approach to wellness and recovery. Even a few minutes of cryotherapy can reduce the inflammatory process responsible for most pain and improve overall immune system health. Olympians, elite athletes, and professional sports teams replaced ice baths with whole body cryotherapy when studies showed it results in faster and better post-workout recovery, muscle healing, reduced inflammation, general pain relief and increased flexibility. Local cryotherapy can be beneficial in the early stages of an injury or right after surgery, especially if swelling is involved. Cryo also stimulates the production of collagen which helps improve skin’s elasticity and overall appearance. Catskill Cryo also features a state-of-the-art infrared sauna, which can be used to relieve tension and relax muscles.

Zephyr Float | Kingston NY | 845-853-2400 | WEBSITE

Zephyr Float

Why float? Floating provides an environment where the brain is free from external stimuli and the body is free from the effects of gravity. This relaxed state can provide temporary relief of chronic pain, shorten muscle recovery time and help alleviate anxiety. The tanks at Zephyr Float feature 10 inches of water saturated with 1000+ pounds of epsom salts, which makes the water extremely buoyant, much more so than the Dead Sea. A body is fully supported by this salty water, effortlessly floating and enjoying a sense of weightlessness. A 60-minute float will provide muscle relaxation, stress relief and a “post float glow” that lasts for days. Ninety minutes allows visitors to fully relax and begin inward exploration. Not only does Zephyr Float also offer a team of skilled masseurs, but there’s Zephyr Go—a mobile massage team that will drive to your location to provide a massage tailored to your needs.

Mountain Float Spa | New Paltz NY | 845-256-9800 | WEBSITE
Mountain Float Spa

Floating has been described as offering training wheels for meditation. After about 30-45 minutes of floating, the mind starts producing theta brain-waves, which are responsible for that “between waking and sleeping” state. After years of practice, people can enter the theta state through deep meditation, but those who float say floating gets you there effortlessly. Many athletes and professional sports personalities use floatation therapy to help ease muscles in post-training and to enhance performance by using visualization. Floatation therapy is good for generally raising levels of concentration and creating thinking. It’s also useful for pregnant women within the second and third trimesters, as it allows the mother to escape the added weight of pregnancy by floating in a weightless environment, thus taking the strain off the body and spine. Can’t decide between floatation therapy and massage? Mountain Float Spa offers both. Book both and discover the benefits of integrating these relaxation therapies.

Spa 21 | Kingston NY | 845-481-5316 | WEBSITE
Spa 21 Kingston

Spa 21 offers more than 20 touch-free services to help visitors relax, renew, recharge, refocus and revive. They include an Iso Float which stimulates deep theta state relaxation by immersing visitors in a serene near-zero gravity environment, as well as Thermal Relax far-infrared beds to relax muscles and ease pain. There’s an Ion Cleanse to draw various toxins from the body and a Sensory Refresh treatment that uses thermal therapy, aromatherapy, music and color therapy to reawaken the senses. A Gravity Flow bed can gently rock visitors to increase circulation. Want to tone up your body? The spa’s body-contouring technique uses rollers, infrared, and suction to tighten skin and reduce fat and cellulite, while providing a deep tissue massage. A wellness session with a certified coach can help you set personal goals and schedule a program of services.




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