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Aries Energy Report by Rebecca Conran from It's not you It's me Wellness in Kingston NY

The Inside+Out Aries Energy Report

By Rebecca Conran | March 21, 2023

Welcome to your monthly collective astrological guide by Rebecca Conran. This month, we feature your Aries Energy Report. You can book one-on-one sessions with Rebecca for more personalized services.

ARIES ENERGY REPORT: Feel the fire of change burning!


Welcome to the Astrological New Year, beginning with the Aries Season! Now is the time to step into the fire and out of fear. We also celebrate the Spring Equinox on this date – which couldn’t come sooner for those of us who are tired of humdrum winter days! Spring marks a time when the hidden growth of winter starts to burst forth in vibrant and beautiful ways.

In the days leading up to this seasonal shift, it’s possible that we feel more overwhelmed and sensitive than usual. The end of the Pisces season can mean boundaries may be blurred and we may be more prone to substance abuse. We are looking for comfort, soothing and love but we should look for these qualities in places that really nourish rather than in instant gratification. Now is the time to set those new year resolutions and have the energy behind you to start anew.

Aries is the warrior fuel of the zodiac; it’s the baby ready to face the chaos to be born. We are full of gumption to get things started, to take risks. Do you know where Aries falls in your birth chart, or which planets you may have in Aries? This is the area you’ll most feel this fresh new start, but even without knowing your Astrology, where do you feel called to new beginnings? Aries brings the quality of ignition. We will feel the impulse of our intuition, and the push to conquer, be direct and be brave. Aries season is the time to initiate action, but go for endurance in the long run over short term gains. Aries can sometimes burn so much energy at the outset of creating and birthing that it doesn’t have the willpower to complete things. With any new endeavors, try to keep a slow and steady pace where possible and temper extremes.


This Aries Season feels extremely potent and extra spicy, especially around the first of two New Moons in Aries this season, which hits us emotionally with a ‘lets do this’ phase. We are ready to take a stand, let our NO mean NO, explore new avenues, and share more of our genuine selves actively with the world. This is the date to set intentions through meditation and ritual, but in order to achieve the results you desire you will need to align your thoughts with your worthiness and intrinsic lovability which takes daily practice. It’s ‘work’, but it’s the only work that really matters on a personal level.


We are perched in the potential of a major shift for the entire collective consciousness. None of us have ever had the energy of Pluto in Aquarius in our lifetimes, and we have a long time to process the meaning of this energy, as this transit will last 20 years! However, no point is more potent than Pluto’s initial entry into Aquarius. The last time this transit happened was 1777-1797, a period marked by revolution. Pluto entering Aquarius ushers in a new chapter for humanity, and should not be taken lightly. After all, there is nothing light about Pluto. Pluto is the heavy process of transformation (including destruction), but also opens the way for our rebirth. Something must symbolically die to be reborn. The French and American Revolutions during this transit called for a new independence. We now find ourselves back at a point of collective cultural upheaval, more aware than ever of who and what has been held outside of independence and democracy. Now is the time to collectively work toward achieving freedom in the form of personal autonomy, having physical, emotional and material needs met equally, and disbanding old archaic structures that create unfair power dynamics. Let’s hope that over the next 20 years, we will see an eradication of the bipartisan issue of enormous greed and wealth disparity that is happening on earth and a redistribution of resources. On a personal level, we are gaining a new idea of independence within. Inner beliefs and outer circumstances that stop you from engaging your own freedoms must evolve.

Aquarius is an interesting sign because here we have the stark paradox between individualism and cooperation with others. Pluto in Aquarius is here to help us to define who WE are, underneath the conditioned beliefs and patterns that have been taught and embedded into us. The evolved world that Aquarius longs for is not just one where everyone gets to access their individual self, needs and share that unique vision. It is one where society is built upon the understanding of this individuation – a world that currently only exists in theory. Yet the conditioned restrictions that society places upon our freedom of self only act as the resistance necessary to claim ourselves. Next to the poison grows the antidote. We are in a new chapter of humanity, and we must wholeheartedly embrace ourselves as the change makers on a personal level that can enact this new chapter into being. Aries season gives us the courage to rise to the occasion and to become passionate for our cause.

4/3 MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS: Precursor to Mercury Retrograde

The mood softens slightly around March 25th before ramping back up mentally on April 3rd when Mercury enters Taurus, marking the shadow period before Mercury begins its Retrograde. This transit gives us the opportunity to focus on practical matters, but we should be aware to not let this resource-conscious energy bog us down mentally in obsessions around material security. When we let go of the need for certainty, when we trust in ourselves moment to moment, and when we are connected to oneness, we are able to find a place in the spectrum free of acute fear regarding our security. We are always secure in our spirit. Whatever story life is projecting outwardly, it’s merely a tiny blip in the realm of possibilities that are at our fingertips. Use this energy to bring your ideas down to earth and practice patience in your communication with others. Also, back up your phones and computers and plan the routine maintenance on mechanical and technological items!


The energy shifts once more, with Venus entering Gemini on April 11th and we can feel progressively more fun and lighthearted again. It’s time to commune, socialize and above all, play. Transformation is a tough business, but it can also come with a sense of humor. Aries season is a wild ride through many energies, feelings and expressions and many will come to culmination during the Solar Eclipse of the New Moon in Aries at the end of the season. It is rare to have two new moons in the same sign, and my take is that this is giving us multiple opportunities to start fresh. A good reminder that the universe never tires of giving us second chances. The message that is coming in clearly is that this Aries season is a time to face your fears so that you can stop perpetuating them and create a more peaceful existence for yourself. What do you fear the most? Death? Being alone? Unworthiness? Look into the depths of your soul for the answers. If you are feeling sick and tired of being scared all the time, you are in the right place. Humanity is emotionally exhausted, and at the end of its rope, overwhelmed by fear on a constant basis. Let’s all make some changes together. The current state of fear addiction means we aren’t really living, we are merely surviving. We know subconsciously that there is more to existence than this. As the impulse for deeper fulfillment and connection grows stronger individually–let it! Give it a voice and a space to make itself known through creative outlets, authentic communication and emotional expression. Now is the time to step into the fire and out of the fear. Don’t forget how incredibly bold you are.

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REBECCA CONRAN CHHC is an Astrologer & Energy Healing Practitioner located in Kingston, NY. Known for her compassionate but no-nonsense and practical approach to mysticism, she offers frank advice from personal experience.

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