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TAURUS ENERGY REPORT by Rebecca Conran in Kingston NY

The Inside+Out Taurus Energy Report

By Rebecca Conran | April 19, 2023

Welcome to your monthly collective astrological guide by Rebecca Conran. This month, we feature your Taurus Energy Report. You can book one-on-one sessions with Rebecca for more personalized services.

TAURUS ENERGY REPORT: Heart-Centered Growth

In astrology, it doesn’t matter what your Sun sign is, the season affects everyone in some area of their lives. Each of us has the energy of Taurus somewhere in our personal astrology. This Energy Report looks at the collective themes that will mark this period, which we will all be integrating on one level or another. If you are interested in learning more about your own astrology, book a one-on-one session. If you are already familiar with your astrology, look at your birth chart to tell you which planets and houses will be ignited by Taurus Season.

Taurus is of the elements, Earth, and of the energy type, fixed. This means when we are in the season of Taurus we turn our focus to the material world and our experience with our physical senses. What we can touch, smell and taste become more important to us, along with themes of money, resources, beauty and our values. There is a steady grounding force behind us to accomplish much in the physical realm when Taurus Season is wielded effectively. The shadow side is that we also may experience a hairpin trigger for our anger and frustration, we can be far too involved in the lives of others or with gossip and drama and we can forget that life’s purpose is much more meaningful outside the bounds of worldly attainment. Aries Season has been a whirlwind, for many it was a period marked by existential awakening and transformation. In Taurus Season we bring our ideas, beliefs and values into reality and based on these internal shifts, we start to build new foundations.


As the Sun shifts into Taurus, Aries season goes out with a bang with a second New Moon in Aries, this one is a solar eclipse. The symbol of Taurus is the Bull, and we may very well be seeing red during this energy. When we don’t cultivate love, forgiveness and acceptance of self as core values, any situation or relationship which doesn’t validate our innate worthiness will feel like a trigger. The frustration we feel we may blame on what is happening ‘out there’ but it is rooted ‘in here’ – within us. The way we feel about ourselves is mirrored in how we internalize our experiences. The degree of this New Moon in Aries is prone to exaggerated negativity, judgment and condemnation and could activate the shadow side of Taurus as a busy-body gossip, keen to judge with a closed heart and mind. Eclipses bring the energy of sudden shifts, and sometimes things get worse (breakdown) before they get better (breakthrough). You may find that a relationship or experience reaches an apex suddenly. Somehow life conspires to shake us open. If you’ve had trouble feeling any joy or have been stuck in the disease of despair, a closed heart may be the culprit. Let go of trying to control external events and seek to become the master of your mind instead, choose your thoughts and narrative wisely.


Mercury in Retrograde (RX) always activates in us the necessity to open to other perspectives. What could be tough about this RX period is that Taurus can be one of the most stubborn of the bunch. It has a hard time with change, so we must actively notice our own resistance mentally and its ability to sometimes close us off. This Mercury in Retrograde is an opportunity to overcome personal apathy and inertia through avid connection with practical reality. In other words, get down to the business of self-care, starting with our inner dialogue. The call to action is to enjoy the everyday ordinariness of life, allowing oneself to be entirely present in the moment of even the most mundane aspects and to overcome our need to over-complicate and over-intellectualize, by living within the senses. Smell the roses, hug someone, savor the taste of the meal you prepared- practice being present. If you find yourself at an impasse in terms of communication, be patient. Better timing will come along. This is a time to consider our values, and how we live in accordance with those values, and especially how we both internally and externally verbalize those values.


“Pluto again?!” my astro nerds might be asking. Yes, Pluto again. Pluto has been reaping havoc on our inner worlds ~ and rightly so! Unfortunately, we thought we knew it all, and life had to show us that we in fact didn’t, but we could still learn! When people, situations or society at large are stuck in dysfunctional patterns, transformation remains necessary for the path of humanity. Essentially, this is a good thing. On a personal level, however, we are experiencing an inner washing machine of our thoughts and emotions. We are fatigued, exhausted by the cortisol coursing through our veins, longing for freedom and caught up in existential ruminations. My advice may seem trite, but we really need to lighten up. If all you do is program your mind through imagery and content that profits off your fear and despair, then you may fail to see and feel the peace that is available to us on this earth. Pluto in Aquarius seeks to create freedom for us within. Tune into nature around you, the tree isn’t worrying, the clouds aren’t despairing and focus on the beauty that surrounds us in this vast expansive universe. Regardless of the insanity humanity has attached itself to, you are part of the beauty, it makes up the very fiber of your being.


Full Moons illuminate something emotional within us, and the pressure created at the Full Moon gives us an impetus to release. Our ego needs are represented by the Taurus Sun and our emotional needs by the Scorpio Moon. The Scorpio Moon challenges our ego to go deeper than approval via money, status and resources. It asks us to value and create intimacy over gratification. This full moon also continues the questions around our values, if our values hold anyone -including the self- outside of the love and worthiness that is innate to humankind, we have some internal work to do and will feel the pressure to do this work at this time.

The mindfulness for this transit is “You don’t get what you want, you get what you think you deserve”. If life is full of fear and dread, then we see self-fulfilling prophecies dominating at this time. It’s true, there is a darkness to the times, but there is also its counterpart in light. As you let the light in, you see everything being touched by more brightness. This is a moment to feel your feelings and recognize your own ability and responsibility to change your perspective, beliefs and values if you want to change your experience of life. It’s a tall order! You can do it.


Venus asks us “What do you need to feel both loved and loving?”. When Venus transits the sign of Cancer we want to connect to ‘home’ and ‘mother’ and we look to build foundations of nurturing and safety. Under this energy, we want to form lasting commitments with others, and safe spaces to be our most vulnerable selves. Long-lasting relationships, of all kinds, require us to be able to tolerate other people’s tough ‘stuff’ along with our own. However, this transit can also highlight codependent relationships that are built on old wounds around caretaking that will not be solved until we take care of ourselves first and foremost. We must show our true feelings, to create a solid foundation of safety within so that we can be our most authentic selves emotionally. As you process any grief or disappointments around what home/mother means to you, make sure to practice being a good mother to yourself!


Mercury Stations direct on Mother’s Day, and there can be a little communication (and possible technology and travel) chaos before it’s smooth sailing again. Slow down and take your time. Try to see the beauty in each person you come across, and in all episodes of life, as necessary teachers on the path. Does it need to be said? Does it need to be said now? Does it need to be said by me? …all good questions to ponder today.


Jupiter brings happy surprises, optimism and expansion. It’s a big joyful gasbag but occasionally needs to be reined in from overdoing it. Jupiter spends about two and a half years in each sign and now we reap many rewards as we expand outside of the busy and intense life we have created to focus on cultivating PEACE and connection with nature. For this chapter of our lives, our aim should be de-stressing, conscious rest and relaxation and recognizing when enough is enough by listening to our physical bodies. The wisdom of the universe can be found in connection with our senses and physical carriers. Luck comes to our collective as we each cultivate healthy relationships with our bodies and nature now. Our spiritual lives become focused on getting out of our neurotic heads and into our sensory bodies. We benefit from this by experiencing the quietness and more peace within.


We are each participating in dreaming the world into being. Based on your inner narrative, what is your creative participation? When you are worn down and striving for external validation it’s hard to create the unconditional love each of us needs. Treat yourself as a precious piece of the puzzle, create a sense of calm at home, in your relationships and especially towards your body by slowing down and savoring what you have. Taurus Season is an invitation to let go of the drama, gossip and minutiae that have us like hamsters on a spinning wheel. Life doesn’t have to be like this, we can feel better in our skin and we can create a better outlook from within.

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REBECCA CONRAN CHHC is an Astrologer & Energy Healing Practitioner located in Kingston, NY. Known for her compassionate but no-nonsense and practical approach to mysticism, she offers frank advice from personal experience.

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