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Aquarian astrological guide by Rebecca Conran

The Inside+Out Aquarius Energy Report

By Rebecca Conran | January 16, 2023

Welcome to the second edition of your monthly collective astrological guide by Rebecca Conran.  Rebecca is an astrologer, certified holistic life & wellness coach, psychic medium and energy practitioner located in Kingston NY.  We hope you enjoy this series!

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January 20th – February 19th – IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE!

We often speak to the intuitive nature of water signs in Astrology, but Aquarius, which is actually an air sign, truly rules the ‘flash of insight’ and is one of the most intuitive placements of all. Aquarius season can highlight our innate ‘knowing’, our connection to our inner compass, and can signal a time of getting honest with oneself and others.  With so much information pouring in, this season can frazzle our nervous systems!  Connecting with the earth and grounding, along with creating space to rest and meditate, will be imperative during this time.

This season of the genius is most beneficial for creating solutions. Answers that have eluded you so far can appear seemingly from out of nowhere during these transits. It is time to ready yourself, pay attention, think outside of the box and listen intently to the repeated messages you receive. Importantly, this season sees the end of a prolonged 3-month period of ‘failure to launch’ (Mars & Mercury Retrograde), so we will finally get the sense that the universe is conspiring with us.

Aquarius in its highest awareness accepts us as we are, it says “Let your freak flag fly!”, which really just gives us the acceptance to let our most genuine self be front and center. It is so important for all humans to be their individual selves in order to make up the whole of humanity. It takes all types… we need all types! Everyone has something to offer of value. Aquarius season is a time of ‘coming out’ as our authentic selves, and one that celebrates and accepts our differences.

Aquarius season signals to us that it is time for a change. If liberation is needed in any area, we will feel called to activate it. Where do you need to experience more freedom? This is a time to shatter limiting patterns that keep you small or in conditioned roles, be a little rebellious and eschew the ‘norm’. Go ahead and dye your hair orange if that’s what you want to do, your life is yours for the taking. The energy, especially around January 20-25th can support sudden flashes of insight that can alter the course of your life. If you have something you’ve been wanting to share that seems eccentric – this period is a great time to get the ball rolling and feel empowered by being different. The Aquarius energy will offer up new possibilities around personal and collective freedom.

Questions to ask yourself during this time:
Has anything been restraining you?
Where could you use some freedom?
Where do you need an infusion of new ideas and inspiration?
Where could you use a healthy dose of detachment?
If you were 10x bolder, how would you live your truth out loud?

Like most signs in Astrology, there is a duality to Aquarius that needs to be honored. Aquarius values autonomy, independence, and individualism and it needs these qualities to truly embody itself. Yet no other sign is more collectively minded either. There is an unequivocal link between Aquarius and Community. It is said that this is the sign of the true humanitarian, because honoring ‘the self’ and its need for individualism as well as the necessity of connection are embodied in Aquarian energy. Each of us has something valuable to offer one another, how do we work together to unify and revere these gifts? This energy will support us in being empowered by our individuality, and to stand in our own unique beauty as well as respect it in one another.

While Aquarius consciously strives for selflessness, “his” shadow side is completely self-centered and controlling. We all have Aquarian energy somewhere in our birth charts, so we all bear the responsibility of evolving some of the less desirable qualities of this sign. Hypocrisy, a lack of compassion, and an avoidance of intuition in pursuit of logic only can create imbalance during this time. There is more than one truth to be seen, are we debating to understand or debating just to be right? Aquarius season necessitates an open mind, and as we open our minds the inner genius takes over! If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant at this time, perhaps you need to free yourself of a closed mind, and open to unseen possibilities.

As we turn our attention toward Community, we may feel a lack or isolation. We need each other, and finding a healthy community is important to humans. If you are feeling a deeper sense of loneliness, perhaps you need to direct your attention toward finding others to connect with. You may be inclined to explore possibilities you dismissed in the past in search of a group to connect with. Conversely, there may be a strong need to liberate yourself from ties that are not mutually supportive during this time and become better friends with yourself.

This period illuminates being true to oneself and honoring that freedom for others too. If there is one mantra for this period it will be ‘expect the unexpected’!

This Aquarius season is important, as it shines a light on the upcoming shift Pluto will make into Aquarius in March after 8 years of Capricorn lessons. Pluto in Capricorn has asked us to delve into our ambitions and motivations, it asked us to understand what we are pursuing, if it’s right for us, and why. It also asked us to liberate ourselves from the values or morals of bygone eras, allowing our own compass to guide us to what is uniquely right for each of us. We may have experienced a shedding of responsibilities that are not for us, while also recognizing our actual duties to ourselves and the world around us. To succeed, freeing ourselves from wasteful and fruitless expressions of energy were/are necessary. We feel that even more so in Aquarius season this year as Pluto enters the final degrees of Capricorn on its journey to Aquarius.

So where are we going? In Aquarius, we turn our gaze upon freedom – the freedom to feel worthy and lovable as we are, as our most genuine and authentic selves, and the freedom to accept others in this way too.

Important dates to watch for: The energy around these days may feel more intense than others…

1/19 – Mercury ends its Retrograde (Communication becomes less intense, technology experiences more ease)
1/20 – Sun Entering Aquarius (The official start to Aquarius Season, the collective identity embodies Aquarius energy )
1/21 – New Moon in Aquarius (An Emotional fresh start, we may feel more detached than usual and an urge to free ourselves becomes imperative)
1/22 – Uranus ends its Retrograde (Themes of Awakening take center stage, something that once was denied can no longer be ignored, surprising shifts take place, expect the unexpected)
1/26 – Venus enters Pisces (Romance and the arts take center stage, things get softer, boundaries are less clear, the urge for closeness returns to relationships)
2/5 – Full Moon Leo (We feel the urge to be seen and heard, things take a turn towards the dramatic)
2/11 – Mercury Enters Aquarius (Now we are collectively thinking like an Aquarius, communication becomes more honest, we are thinking outside the box)

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REBECCA CONRAN CHHC is an Astrologer, certified Holistic Life & Wellness Coach, Psychic Medium & Energy Practitioner in Kingston, NY.  Known for her compassionate but no-nonsense and practical approach to mysticism, she offers frank advice that comes from a place of personal experience.

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