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The Inside+Out Gemini Energy Report by Rebecca Conran

The Inside+Out Gemini Energy Report

By Rebecca Conran | May 18, 2023

Welcome to your monthly collective astrological guide by Rebecca Conran. This month, we feature your Gemini Energy Report. You can book one-on-one sessions with Rebecca for more personalized services.

GEMINI ENERGY REPORT: Curiosity, flexibility and communication

In astrology, it doesn’t matter what your Sun sign is, the season affects everyone in some area of their lives. Each of us has the energy of Gemini somewhere in our personal astrology. This Energy Report looks at the collective themes that will mark this period, which we will all be integrating on one level or another. If you are interested in learning more about your own astrology, book a one-on-one session. If you are familiar with your astrology already, look at your birth chart to tell you which planets and houses will be ignited by Gemini Season.

Taurus season was plagued by delays and frustrations as Mercury in Taurus Retrograde highlighted an already slow communication season. Joined with a Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, we found ourselves at times working through intensely frustrating circumstances, and we may have work to do yet.

While the current energy continues to be marked by Pluto, and we are being pushed through our breakdowns, into our breakthroughs – Gemini Season is here to lighten the tone, helping us to become more curious about the next steps, and assisting us in making communication an easier and more integral part of taking those steps. We each participate in co-creating the world around us, and we do so with our intention and belief. “Do my words, uttered internally and outwardly, reflect an enlightened state?” That is the deeper question we ask ourselves during Gemini Season.

We all have our Achilles heel when it comes to communication. Mine is when I’m driving and it becomes wildly easy to curse out any old slow poke in front of me from the privacy of my own car. Occasionally it might be when I’m on the phone with the internet company, and I have to be aware of how my frustration or annoyance affects the person I’m speaking to on the other end of the line. In our day and age, we can find some of the worst communication in the comments sections on random internet posts. All dialogues are a reflection of the authentic self, and if more often than not we are disparaging towards others or ourselves, we have some work to do. Gemini Season will help us to tune in more carefully to our self-expression, and thus become better co-creators. Does your dialogue come from a wounded ego, or is it an extension of wisdom and a reflection of your loving nature?


New Moons symbolize emotional new beginnings. Today is a great day to set intentions and favor clarity around our long-term material and physical goals. Jupiter just entered Taurus, the energy has felt intense, competitive and driven but there is also extra cosmic magic afoot to solidify our dreams into reality. Attaining our goals requires first that we align with our vision, New Moons are the day when we percolate those ideas. The steps to take will come later.


Mars in Astrology is our warrior fuel, it represents our physical energy, self-assertion, impulse to act, sexuality and self-protection through boundaries. It can ignite our fury, and we may be more apt to choose war over peace during peak transit moments. In Leo, we are dramatic, proud, and seek to be seen for our self-expression. The core essence of Mars in Leo is that we are reminded that love and authenticity take courage. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word courage as “the ability to do something that frightens” and “strength in the face of pain or grief”. Mars in Leo gives us the energy to be seen and heard for who we really are, and hopefully that inspires us to share more love + beauty with the world. This is a great time for performance, creativity, public speaking as well as all expressions of love. In today’s digital age, we see a lot of sharing and attention-seeking, but we don’t see a lot of genuine love being shared. We take action based on what we can achieve, not simply because it makes our hearts sing out. This is a time to do what brings you joy, to be brave in the face of our own vulnerability, be proud of your experience and life no matter the circumstances, and to express ourselves in naked honesty.


With yesterday’s push from Mars in Leo we are more than happy to enter into a lighter and more jovial Gemini Season. We collectively will start to feel more social, chatty, and open to new ideas and experiences. It can be a nice change of pace, as long as we remain in our choice and don’t throw away all the wonderful foundational work we have been doing in staying grounded and connected to our physical senses. Spend time with friends, take in a comedy show and be flexible in your approach to life.

Over the next week, the astrology is marked by plenty of square transits, which is when two heavenly bodies are in conflict with one another, as both push their perspective ardently. The purpose of the square is that conflict can breed compromise and understanding when wielded correctly. Allow for new pathways to be created through the tension. The advice over this week is to not waste your time on drama and gossip. Choose your battles wisely, and remember your inner peace is your responsibility, and you always have the right to disengage.


When our emotions are in the release position (the Full Moon transit) it’s time to look at the more uncomfortable feelings we have currently and review them. Events and circumstances that occur around this energy can challenge us. Are you feeling trapped somehow? Do you need a change of scenery to create new inspiration? Are you limiting yourself with self-righteousness or can you seek a higher truth?

Each person is on their own path to truth. As much as we may believe that we know the whole truth, there is still more to discover and we simply cannot fully know what another human being is experiencing based on our own personal perspective. This full moon can highlight hypocrisy and self-righteousness and ultimately calls us to practice what we preach. We need to do some soul-searching where the facts aren’t adding up, where we may be in denial about our lives. If you feel stuck, try a change of scenery, experience another culture or way of life, explore and above all, remain flexible.


I love that during this Gemini Season, we are also very connected to Leo energy, because what good is the head, if it’s not in conversation with the heart? Venus represents how we collectively give and receive love, in Leo our agenda is to be proud of our love, to express it exuberantly, and to feel love demonstrated toward us. This is a great time for romance, especially as we are in a social season, so go out and enjoy getting to know one another and putting your heart on display. Relationships can deepen through expressiveness, perhaps everyone just needs to hear “I love you” a bit more earnestly. Don’t settle for situations or people who you don’t feel cherished and valued by, but other people’s lives should not revolve around yours and vice versa. Express your needs, but remember that our loved ones also need to meet their own needs first and foremost. Healthy relationships are built on interdependence.


We’ve been here before, as Pluto, now retrograding, re-enters the anorectic degree of Capricorn. Actually all winter we spent at these very degrees, (especially February and March) so this is really an opportunity to review and rework as needed. What was going on for you then? How far have you come? Think of it as a continued conversation about your personal transformation. This time around, we get a very helpful placement of Mercury, or our mind | thoughts | communication right at home in Gemini. Mercury rules Gemini, so the ability to process new information is uninhibited and we could find the spark of ingenuity touching on our most difficult subjects. Clarity is coming. In the public sphere, we could see more of the authoritarian structures of our world disrupted, we will see fraud and mismanagement revealed, and now that we’ve had the taste of freedom (Pluto in Aquarius) we won’t be going backward.

Mercury in Gemini is one of the best times of the year for clear communication. If you’ve been searching for the words, from now until June 27th the energy is there for writing and expression. Have those important talks and negotiations, work on that book and share those ideas.


Every year at least half of the planets spend a good chunk of time in retrograde, so we don’t need to feel afraid or downtrodden that these periods will be only full of hardship. However, the most potent time of a retrograde is the station so we will feel Saturn most intensely today. We discussed Saturn in Pisces in depth in the Pisces Season Report. Saturn is all about our ‘work’, not just our careers and ambitions but also our self-discipline and most importantly, our responsibility to our inner lives. The treasures we are seeking, the real fulfillment, is related to evolving our inner selves and becoming empowered by true wisdom. We need to establish regular routines for our spiritual lives, meditation, breath work, yoga, walks in nature – most importantly time spent in contemplation with self and away from the profit-based distractions of the world around us.

A very special thing happens when we dedicate time to this sort of practice. A natural confidence in our own internal compass arises, a faith that all is well and in flow with a natural order. If we have been spiritually lazy, Saturn will come-a-knocking during this transit! The world we live in is difficult, we will all experience suffering in one way or another. The medicine is to convene with the magic within. This is a great time to move out of spiritual tourism and into real fulfillment through practice.

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