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VIRGO ENERGY REPORT: The Courage To Open Your Heart

The Inside+Out Virgo Energy Report

By Rebecca Conran | August 23, 2023

Welcome to your monthly collective astrological guide by Rebecca Conran. This month, we feature your Virgo Energy Report. You can book one-on-one sessions with Rebecca for more personalized services.

VIRGO ENERGY REPORT: Purify the body, behaviors and the mind.

Each energy season touches us in a unique area of our lives. We all have the energy of Virgo somewhere in our personal astrology. This Energy Report looks at the collective themes that will mark this period. If you are interested in learning more about your personal astrology, a Soul Astrology one-on-one session or a personal Astrology Forecast may be for you. If you are familiar with your astrology already, look at your birth chart to tell you which planets and houses will be ignited by the upcoming Season.

Leo season heavily featured Venus Retrograde also in Leo and our focus has been on the compelling nature of action and how willing our way through life is not always the answer. Receptivity requires a lot more surrender and sacrifice. Drama and crisis might have been on the agenda, exacerbated by our own personal behaviors and negative belief systems. We may have felt our resources such as money in a tight configuration. Now we move into Virgo season which brings themes of service, health, hygiene and our intellect into the forefront. This season will be marked by Mercury Retrograde also in Virgo. This is a time to get organized, commit to learning new more holistic ways of living and purify the body, the behaviors and most importantly the mind so that we can be living manifestations of our higher purpose. Focus on the step you are on.

Virgo energy is very different from Leo energy, and so we will feel a definite seasonal adjustment around this date. Virgo season is about seeing yourself clearly, with honesty – and constructive criticism sometimes, and ‘working on’ yourself in a practical way. You have unique talents, you have a purpose and are a necessary cog in the human machine, but you’ll never live with fulfillment in your purpose and gifts unless you polish your tools properly. How does your life serve you and your community? Or do you serve another master, like money, validation or fleeting desires? The latter will leave you with nothing but regrets, the former will leave you feeling like a valuable and worthy participant in this wondrous creation that is life.

Virgo season is a great time to:

  • Start a loving fitness regime based on feeling good in your body not results
  • Eat more consciously, consume more whole foods
  • Work on a meditation practice
  • Clean and organize your home and spaces
  • Let go of substances that take you out of yourself and create false instant gratification pleasure over real inner joy (caffeine, alcohol, etc)
  • Respect yourself, and others will follow

This season is marked by Mercury Retrograde, which always gets a bad rap. It happens on average three times a year and on the whole can feel like a disruptive time. Let’s get it straight though, Mercury Retrograde is not disruptive – humans are disruptive. We refuse to slow down and listen to the natural elements of life, and thus our need to force a square peg into a round hole energy-wise means that we are pushing against the current, and this causes disruptions. When we live life in accordance with the rhythm on offer, things ease up quite a bit. Make the commitment to slow down, to pay greater attention to words and communication, and the language you use both externally and internally. The theme of this time is about becoming conscious, present + precise enough in your thoughts and ideas to know what you are doing. What exactly are you believing and participating in, to get caught up in the situations and behaviors you are currently meeting? How do your internal beliefs, childhood and societal conditioning influence you? What is necessary to take responsibility for yourself and make shifts away from disruption?

If you want to get out of dysfunctional patterns and emotional rollercoasters you will need to harness self-discipline, sacrifice and radical accountability. You’ll need to hone your earthly vehicle – your body – by tuning into how you care for it, and more importantly, tuning into how you abuse it. Many mainstream substances stand in the way of inner connection and balance. What are the messages you have personally received about this? As a former party girl and suicidal drug addict, I can tell you with authority that the best I’ve ever felt emotionally and mentally has come from the sacrifice of alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, conventional sugar, processed foods and any other mind-altering substances (and I did them all). Healing requires dedication to practice, “chop wood and carry water” as the proverb goes – and you’ll have to quit being a spiritual tourist and expecting events or healers to change you without rolling up your sleeves and digging into the practice of helping yourself too. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Don’t be afraid of a little hard work.


Mars shifts often mean anger, frustration and aggression can be elevated for the days around the transit. Try not to poke the bear. Mars in Libra’s evolutionary aim is to achieve true intimacy. Not just sexually, but in all relationships. This requires genuineness, showing up for your needs and who you really are, and that type of connection can be terrifying. This is a period where we are learning to express our needs, and being present to any discomfort that arises through that, as we work to create win/win solutions with others. During this transit we focus on uncovering new ways of relating that give room for fairness for all, we allow the space for others to meet their own needs outside of our desires too. We also notice any ways we try to harmonize in relationships that are to the detriment of our needs. People pleasing is one shadow element that we will feel tension with, and with Mercury Retrograding we may be compelled to ‘talk back’ when we feel our boundaries are being unfairly crossed. Be honest, be diplomatic, be fair, be true to yourself.


Expect the unexpected, expect a shakeup! The moment of transition for this placement is where the energy is at its most potent so around this date, something totally out of left field might be on the agenda. A relationship might end or start, you get fired or quit your job or something you’d been hoping for materializes suddenly, you win the lottery or lose a sum of money, and in the global field, anything is possible as a world shakeup – whatever happens will come as a surprise. The energy is similar to the Tower card in traditional tarot, whatever structures were built on rickety foundations may experience a reckoning, but positive surprises will also manifest. This energy isn’t a punishment, it’s not meant to make us feel bad or make us suffer. Sometimes life is just like this. If it’s a hard time, better days will come. If it’s an easy time, don’t get complacent or lazy, the wheel of life is always turning.

In mythology Uranus (who represented the Sky) had twelve children with Gaia (representing earth) and was a tyrant to them, locking them away out of fear of their personal power. In response Gaia conspired with their youngest son Cronus to castrate Uranus, thus removing his power. Uranus in astrology represents freedom, and the necessity for all to bring their uniqueness to the collective ‘whole’. I can’t help but feel the symbolism that true freedom is in relinquishing not only any control we try to have over others but also freedom from our desires controlling us, the desire for money, validation, status and power. During this transit, we should remember not to fight change. We must release the attachment to what is not really important, and pay attention to habits that numb us to our natural senses.


In numerology this is a universal 7-year, it’s a spiritual truth-telling year where the truth is told to us individually before we can act it out collectively. Some of us are very conscious of what has gone wrong in the human story, and what threatens humanity’s very existence. During this full moon, we may feel overwhelmed with our sensitivity to the great issues we face. Pisces says, we are all oneness, we are all connected, we are all part of the whole, and as such what each of us does and believes affects the whole for better and worse. The huge task of making collective adjustments comes down to many persons making small adjustments within. If you’ve felt the call to be an example of love and worthiness on Earth – keep going! Don’t let what’s out pictured in the world let you feel small or invaluable. Don’t let it make you pessimistic about the beauty that exists. This is a great time to convene with nature, water, meditation, spiritual practice, animals, children + creativity. Receive the love that is also on offer on earth as a salve for the times.


I am just as sick of writing about retrogrades as you are hearing about them, and am overjoyed that this one is wrapping up! Now you can see the whole picture of what Venus RX had to offer (read up for a refresher here). You achieved a bit more mastery over knowing what you do and don’t want in relationships. You learned to become a bit more competent at living with self-respect. You either moved closer to self-fulfillment, or you struggled with the realities of not releasing that which doesn’t serve you. Either way, the truths came hard and fast and, hopefully, we are all a bit wiser. While I wouldn’t go buying a house, making large speculation investments, or getting a new hair makeover just yet, our financial freedom is opening back up, and after the three weeks of Mercury Retrograde are finished (end of September) we can feel as though we are moving out of any holding patterns. As you move ahead, don’t forget what you have learned – cherish yourself.


The degree this retrograde takes place, as explained through “the Sabian Symbols” gives the description word of Pertinacity. Pertinacity is a type of determination, sticking with something no matter what. When positive, we face our fears and have faith through our tribulations knowing that the essence of faith does not rely on outward validation through good times alone. It is through our difficulties that faith is most important to tap into. When expressed in shadow this moment keeps us doggedly sticking with things out of stubbornness and fear of change, and hyper fixated on self-gratifications over living out our life purpose. Retrogrades draw us within, the gift and expansion of Jupiter now happen inside of us rather than pictured so much externally.

This is a time to tune into what truly makes us feel lucky, and what the real-life gifts are, not the superficial ones. Know the difference between a hard course we must stick with, and a crash course of self-interest that we must release. It’s easy for folks to “lose faith” during this time, and more than ever our physical and spiritual practices are necessary to keep us connected to not just clarity but also the infinite magic of the universe around us.


In the divine synchronicity of it all, this New Moon takes place at the exact degree we began Mercury Retrograde on the first day of the Virgo Season. New Moons are new emotional points of intention. This would be a moment to check back with your personal themes over the last few weeks and register the messages. Our self-care practice requires attention, order + precision, and it absolutely has an effect on how we feel. The daily details matter, they are important. Clear out all that distracts you from focusing, and prioritize the details. Have high standards for yourself, and a discerning eye, work step by step to bring balance to your life through a daily practice of self-care.


Phew, if we didn’t get one more direct personal planet this season I don’t know what we were going to do! During Mercury Retrograde we are asked to pay greater attention to communication and the mind. Make a commitment to learning, analyzing, and putting the time into ideas, methodology and practice that life requires. Don’t skip the details, don’t take the victim’s “I already did all that inner work!” viewpoint. Virgo helps us to connect to our practical earth skills and details that we often overlook as important. We must also check in with which master we serve, and what we are of service to. Is your master instant gratification? Is your action/doing in service to your being/feeling? It should be. Does your life and all you are focused on serving the rest of our human community too? Do the thoughts in your mind serve you to feel valued and worthy and loved?

Virgo season is one where we are all in our thoughts a lot more, we will all benefit from meditation and a physical fitness practice at this time, get grounded into the body. This is a time to avoid narrow-mindedness at all costs, don’t blindly go along with every thought the mind dictates, but do listen to the undercurrent of information available through them. Meet self-doubt with encouragement rather than criticism, and work with teachers and practitioners who can help you develop language as a tool for healing. Happy learning all!

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REBECCA CONRAN CHHC is an Astrologer & Energy Healing Practitioner located in Kingston, NY. Known for her compassionate but no-nonsense and practical approach to mysticism, she offers frank advice from personal experience.

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